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Vigilancia Tecnologica - Robotics and Maintenance

European Commission's research programme of 1.2 B$ to support the manufacturing industry in the development of new and sustainable technologies. Projects:

- Co-worker robots in the auto factory. LOCOBOT ( research project, coordinated by Austrian research company PROFACTOR (

- Plug-and-produce robots for precise machine milling, COMET ( research project, coordinated by Delcam PLC Ltd. (

- Smart robots in the footware factory,ROBOFOOT ( research project, coordinated by IK4-Tekniker (

- The Transformable Factory of the Future, TAPAS ( research project, coordinated by German robot manufacturer KUKA Roboter GmbH (

- The robot apprentice, PRACE( research project, coordinated by German Robert Bosch GmbH (

- Robots for Post Production

---Thermobot ( University of Padua (, aims to provide fully automated non-destructive testing in post production and in regular maintenance with the use of thermographic imaging.

--- MiRoR ( University of Nottingham ( aims to develop a fundamentally novel concept of a Miniaturised Robotic Machine (Mini-RoboMach) system for holistic in-situ repair and maintenance of large and/or intricate installations.

--- MAINBOT( IK4-Tekniker (, will take available wheeled mobile platforms and climbing robots for maintenance activities in large plants, adapting them to fulfil the industrial objectives of autonomous navigation, mobile manipulation and sensor fusion.

--- CableBOT (  Tecnalia (, aims to develop a new generation of modular and reconfigurable robotic devices that are capable of performing many different steps in the life-cycle stages of large-scale structures.


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