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Selected Use cases

MAINBOT proposes the use of mobile platforms for inspection tasks in large areas and vertical infrastructures. A set of application scenarios that cover the general requirements of the maintenance activities in large industries have been selected.

The ground robot has to move in a large area, the solar field, and it has to reach different inspection areas in the plant and stop at pre-established points. The climbing robot has to move in a vertical structure, a tower, and it has to reach different inspection points and stop at pre-established points.

Scenario:: Use cases

Applies to

Ubiquitous sensing

Operation 1: Mirror reflectivity measurement

  • Number of mirrors: 209.664  (each)
  • Total surface of mirrors: 510.120 m2  (each)

Ground Robot


Operation 2: Heat Transfer Fluid Leakage detection

  • Leakage detection
  • 90km of tubes (each)

Ground Robot

Surface defects

Operation 3: Coating degradation

Climbing Robot

Operation 4: Broken mirrors

Ground Robot

Operation 5: Loss of vacuum in collector pipes

Ground Robot

Internal defects

Operation 6: Corrosion, cracks

Climbing robot

Selected Scenarios

Valle Thermosolar plant

Gemasolar Thermosolar tower

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