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Vigilancia Tecnologica - Robotics and Maintenance

European Commission's research programme of 1.2 B$ to support the manufacturing industry in the development of new and sustainable technologies. Projects:

- Co-worker robots in the auto factory. LOCOBOT (http://www.locobot.eu/) research project, coordinated by Austrian research company PROFACTOR (http://www.profactor.at/).

- Plug-and-produce robots for precise machine milling, COMET (http://www.cometproject.eu/) research project, coordinated by Delcam PLC Ltd. (http://www.delcam.com/)

- Smart robots in the footware factory,ROBOFOOT (http://www.robofoot.eu/) research project, coordinated by IK4-Tekniker (http://www.tekniker.es/).

- The Transformable Factory of the Future, TAPAS (http://www.tapas-project.eu/) research project, coordinated by German robot manufacturer KUKA Roboter GmbH (http://www.kuka-robotics.com/germany/de/).

- The robot apprentice, PRACE(http://prace-fp7.eu/) research project, coordinated by German Robert Bosch GmbH (http://www.bosch.com/).

- Robots for Post Production

---Thermobot (http://thermobot.eu/) University of Padua (http://www.unipd.it/en/index.htm), aims to provide fully automated non-destructive testing in post production and in regular maintenance with the use of thermographic imaging.

--- MiRoR (http://www.miror.eu/) University of Nottingham (http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/) aims to develop a fundamentally novel concept of a Miniaturised Robotic Machine (Mini-RoboMach) system for holistic in-situ repair and maintenance of large and/or intricate installations.

--- MAINBOT(http://www.mainbot.eu/) IK4-Tekniker (http://www.tekniker.es/), will take available wheeled mobile platforms and climbing robots for maintenance activities in large plants, adapting them to fulfil the industrial objectives of autonomous navigation, mobile manipulation and sensor fusion.

--- CableBOT (http://www.cablebot.eu/en/)  Tecnalia (http://www.tecnalia.com/en), aims to develop a new generation of modular and reconfigurable robotic devices that are capable of performing many different steps in the life-cycle stages of large-scale structures.

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